Thursday, April 15, 2010

fuh!!!jenuh nk menjawab..HAHA

This tag was given by fatin ashifa roslan
I've no idea what name of this tag. lol
Anyways, Thanks You fatin ;)

what is your full name?
Siti Rahimah Jamaludin

when is your birthday?
22 january 1992.

what is your daddy's name?
Jamaludin Hasan

what is your your mum's name?
Mazlan binti Hj Chat

how many siblings do you have?
four..i'm the youngest child n daugther

where do you live?
13500 Pmtg Pauh, Pulau Pinang.

your favourite colour.
Black,white,Blue,Red n chocolate

still studying?
Will cont my study soon.

do you have a bestfriend?

do you love them?
They just like my sibling.

pop or jazz?
RnB,hip hop

chicken or beaf?
both n lamb steak

coke or 100plus?
100 plus

what brand is your purse?
guess & ect. But, I dont use them always.

how much do you have in your wallet right now?
ten ringgit..balance 4 my gaji last month(HAHA)
high heels or flat?
High heels n flat,klo nk nmpk casual,pakai flat,kalau nk nmpk elegan sket..pakai heels..HAHA

skirts or jeans?
Jeans. Never wear skirts.

shirt or blouse?
Shirt. Simple.

watch or bracelet?
necklace from my mom HEHE

favourite watch's brand?
bonia n gucci

do you have girlfriend?
Too much.

*do you have a boyfriend?
not yet..but tgh mengenali seseorg..HAHA

did you love her?
Depends. HAHA

did you ever kiss him?
tggu bila hbgn kitaorg dihalalkan...

facebook or myspace?
More too Facebook. Myspace approve people jeh.

what is your wet dreams?
girls ade wet dream ke??hurm...dream..sumbody dgt minang i kot..HAHA

Okay bebetul ah. What is your dreams?
become the most famous n popular female pastry chef...hehe

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